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My Style

People often ask how i develop my style, and my answer is always the same, for as long as i can remember i have always been attracted to colour this comes from my time growing up in Italy from the contrasting rich colour of food to the the architecture and landscape and from these elements that i began my journey to becoming a painter, it is through a combination of the abondance light colour and textures by using the unique Ibiza enviorment and many different parts of Ibiza from the sky, mountains, caves, tress, roads, beaches, sand, stars, moon, and of course the ocean which moves and changes in her own unique way from the summer months to winter months. Ibiza has a magic which any and everyone who ever visted or stayed on the island for a long period of time has discovered and it is this magic that allows me to tap into the inner doors which we keep locked away in our subconcious, these doors are the real key to producing work of abstraction and from abstraction you see hidden messages that are planted deep into to every single piece which then allows me minipulate, transform and metamorphisize the paint on to the canvas. It has similar comparisons with being a conductor of an orchestra, you all the musicians skilled in thier perticular instrument all brilliant in thier individual way, but when combined give you something more illustrious than just a single violin playing in the wind..Each corner of every piece must tell a story ..


Dino Cortiana


Dino Cortiana was born in '72 in Milan into a family of gallery owners. From an early age he grew up immersed in modern art and painters of the caliber of De Chirico, De Pisis, A. Boetti, Guttuso and many other famous painters treated by his father Bruno. He is immediately particularly fascinated by this environment which in those years was experiencing a period of great ferment and growth. The house of residence is located between Milan and Bergamo, on the banks of the Adda river, where Dino will begin to paint and discover this attraction towards nature, a predominant theme in his works. Already at the age of 14 he participated and won his first painting competition followed by others but always at an amateur level. It will be only after 1997 at the age of 25 that Dino will begin to produce a series of works on a continuous basis, the first personal exhibitions date back to 2001 Galleria d'Arte Adda Bergamo, 2002 Galleria d'Arte Moderna Russo Milan and Castello exhibition space Sforzesco Milan, 2003 Nour Space Milan. Between 2004 and 2008 he opened his first atelier with large spaces that allowed him to produce and exhibit independently, from that period there are 22 personal exhibitions and over 200 works mostly finished in private collections. Between 2009 and 2018 Dino travels a lot, France, Spain, South America, constantly looking for new ideas, varying, experimenting and perfecting the technique of action painting, in order to offer the public a variety of paintings each with a personal touch. of uniqueness and originality. In 2018 Dino, after a dark period and lacking the necessary expressive enthusiasm, definitively moved to Ibiza, an island of great inspiration and personal rebirth for him. At this time it is possible to view his works all year round on permanent display at his atelier in Playa d'En Bossa, Ibiza.

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